ES Group

ES Group is a European corporation established to be a global leader in mineral-based products. Portfolio of brands includes Marmite, Acquabella, Oh my Shower by F&D Group, MC Bath, Fiora, Nuovvo, Aquatica, MTI Baths and Resiblock.


ES Group masters mineral composite and solid surface technologies, to deliver long lasting, high quality products for the bathroom space. Mineral composite is an innovative material from natural stone and resins that offers incredible design possibilities to produce elements with extraordinary shapes and textures, silky and warm touch, enhanced strength, and improved heat retention and acoustic properties.


Our technology provides products pleasant to the eye and touch, which are also long lasting, easy to install and 100% Silica free.


We embrace our responsibility to define a path towards sustainability that other companies in the industry can follow. Our mission is to make a clear and committed contribution to the decarbonisation and the circularity of the construction sector. And for that, we are going beyond simply meeting regulation. We are implementing a broad range of impactful initiatives and developing new products that help build a more sustainable future.


Our companies have been pioneers in the introduction of mineral composite shower trays, and lightweight products. We keep ahead of competition by permanently upgrading our materials, designs, and manufacturing processes. We are focused on delivering solutions to current and future chalenges within our sector, through our innovation facility, The Brain Stone lab.

The beauty of precision

A leading European manufacturer of mineral composite basins, bathtubs and shower trays. For over 50 years handling private-label products and delivering them all over the world.

Keep feeling

A leading premium brand of bathroom solutions created to evoke and reflect feelings through designs, materials and shapes, generating an experience in crescendo and allowing sensations to flow.

Textures, colours and emotions

Inspiring collections where design, creativity, innovation, and beauty in every detail make the difference. Customisation to the extreme with unique textures, colours and emotions in a global concept essence that integrates furniture, shower trays, bathtubs, panels, and accessories. Spaces where each product is unique and part of a whole.

Luxury bathing solutions

A leading US based manufacturer of premium solid surface, mineral composite and acrylic bathroom products, with the largest catalog of hydrotherapy and customization options.

Your body is younger than you think

A young and revolutionary brand that advocates for a new generation of modern, quality bathroom products.

Leading the Way

Mcbath is committed to always offer the perfect solutions for the bathroom that are precisely adapted to the customer’s needs. Key in leadership relies in technological innovation, cutting-edge design and excellence service.

Elevating the bathing experience

A premier US-based online retailer offering an exclusive selection of premium crafted mineral composite, and acrylic hydrotherapy bathtubs and spas.

Mineral filler products

Owner of the Ohmyshower brand. Pioneers in light weight, mineral-base shower tray. Consistent quality, service and innovation to deliver functional products for any bathroom space.

Unique bathroom experience

Resiblock develops exciting products to deliver the best relaxing and comfortable bathroom experience. A leading company that incorporates the forefront technology into production processes with a clear policy of continued investment in technology. Focused on continued improvement of quality and service day by day.